A First Grader's Feeding Frenzy

Robbie with Golden's mayor at his recent award ceremony.

Golden first-grader, Robbie, has earned a spot in FBR’s heart. This little guy decided he could make a difference in his community and came up with a brilliant idea to fight hunger. Robbie’s mom set an example by selling cloth diapers, bags and wipes, so Robbie came up with the idea of selling cloth napkins and chose Food Bank of the Rockies as his beneficiary. He aims to raise $5,000 to feed local kids in need by June. That’s enough to feed 3,000 children! Robbie has already earned over $500 for FBR and was just honored with an award from Golden's mayor for his good work in the community!

How can you help? Buy Robbie’s product to benefit Food Bank of the Rockies Kids programs...Feeding Frenzies Napkins! Feeding Frenzies are 100% cotton flannel and are made in the USA. Napkins are sold in sets of two for $5 and feature a shark print. He also accepts monetary donations in any amount. Visit feedingfrenzies.com to order your napkins today!

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FeedItForward said...

Being a father of 2 small children, a 6yr old and 4yr old, when I see a story of a 6-7yr boy making this kind of impact so early on in his life, it is truly heartwarming!

I work for a food supplier that sources low cost food for Non-Profits. I know many of the food insecure across the country are children Robbie's age. To see that he has SOLD OUT of his first run of napkins and plans on continuing his fund raising campaign gives us all the inspiration to do more.

Thanks Robbie!
Thanks FBR